Er one session at the london clinic with adam my weight started to deplete but more than that i started to feel more positive about myself. I had tried for years and years to lose weight and i often succeeded in losing a few pounds but as soon as a stressful situation arose i used food as a friend to get me through. It was like a bad cycle that kept repeating itself.  lose weight, gain weight. generic viagra reviews My mind was out of control. It never really was about feeling hungry it was just a reaction to stress. generic viagra in us I would cry and try again the next day but never would i succeed. I know i will never go back to my old ways. Emotional eating is a thing of the past. buy viagra online My husband also seems very happy : ) thanks adam" julia flemming - kent 14 pounds lighter in 14 days "you will be pleased to know yesterday was 14 days since i saw you and i am 14 lbs lighter - yes a whole stone. Ted my horse was really on his toes when i rode him at the weekend and we had a great time. I had a couple of real crises at work last week and normally i would have turned to food but i didn’t and was so amazed. Some amazing things have happened like yesterday i was walking home from work and i had a whole flood of really nice childhood memories something i had blocked out for years. I am so grateful and feel so much better and happier within myself - i am so grateful to you adam" samantha davis - central london lasting results - binging no more "i like the fact that adam had worked so closely with paul mckenna on numerous occasions running weight loss seminars. buy viagra canada toronto I also liked the fact that adam's skills were at the level where he has trained others to be hypnotic practitioners so i decided to arrange a free phone consultation. buy viagra cheap Adam answered all my questions on the phone and clearly demonstrated that he had great understanding into weight issues. Adam use to have weight issues himself so i decided to work with him. I had one 3 hour session and i left the clinic feeling lighter and more confident. All my cravings have gone. That was 15 months ago and i have maintained my ideal weight now for over 6 months. I recommend adam to everyone. You are a star" sarah giles - surrey inner conflict resolved dear adam,the hypnotherapy has certainly worked to the extent i had hoped. It seems to provide an intuitive boost to my willpower without actually 'preventing' or 'controlling' me at all. Since i saw you a month ago i have lost 10lb of weight and have easily switched to much healthier choices. I have been 'wanting' to go to the gym. I'm pleased with my new shape. cheap viagra on line overnight Before seeing you i could not stick to this and found much inner resistance to diet and exercise, so thanks!! viagra prices uk Liz if you want to see more reviews or video testimonials then please visit ou. prescription needed viagra us