It may be hard to recognize when symptoms begin. Pituitary tumors are generally diagnosed with brain imaging (mri) to assess the structure and size of the tumor, vision testing, and hormonal laboratory testing to determine pituitary function. buy viagra online The diagnosis and treatment options are best determined by a team approach that involves the neurosurgeon, endocrinologist [en-doh-cri- na-lo-jist], and ophthalmologist [ahf-thal-mol-o-jist]. What are the most common hormonally acti ve pituitary tumors? 1. cheap viagra online Prolactinoma [pro-lack-tin-o-ma] – these tumors secrete too much of the pituitary hormone prolactin. viagra 50mg notice Prolactin is important for breast feeding. viagra for sale Common symptoms in women include breast discharge, irregular or absent menses, and infertility. viagra buy uk online Common symptoms in men include decreased sex drive, sexual problems, and infertility. 2. viagra dose for recreational use Cushing’s disease – this is a tumor that produces too much of a hormone that stimulates the adrenal gland to make excessive cortisol. Symptoms of cushing’s disease can include weight gain (obesity), excess hair growth, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and psychological disturbances. viagra viagra and viagra comparisons 3. cheap viagra online Acromegaly [ack-ro-meg-a-lee] – this disease is caused by a tumor that secretes too much growth hormone. Children with acromegaly develop gigantism [jy-gan-tiz-um]. is viagra safe for men with high blood pressure In adults, too much growth hormone causes changes in facial features, enlarged hands and feet, enlarged internal organs, hypertension, and diabetes. buy viagra Acromegaly can also be associated with obstructive sleep apnea and carpal tunnel syndrome. viagra for sale How are pituitary tumors treated? Treatment options depend on the size and nature of the pituitary abnormality. viagra 50mg notice Surgery is often the treatment of choice for most large tumors, except for prolactinomas, which are typically treated with medication. cheap viagra Modern pituitary surgery requires only a small incision, is highly effective, and relatively safe. Can you break viagra pill half Pituitary tumors can be removed by operating through the nasal airway using a special piece of equipment called an endoscope [en-dohscope]. The procedure takes 3 to 4 hours. Viagra pictures before and after The risk is similar to operations for gallbladder disease. The operation is done under general anesthesia [an-es-theez-ee-uh] and most patients do not have much pain after the procedure. cheap viagra online Those who might need surgery include patients with very severe headaches that interfere with daily life, loss of vision from pressure on the optic nerves by the tumor, and a pituitary gland that has stopped working. Additi. buy viagra online cheap generic viagra ice cream with viagra viagra reviews comments viagra generico brasil viagra jelly for sale can u take viagra and viagra together viagra pills expire where to buy viagra in new delhi viagra for women dosage viagra soft testimonials viagra safe if you have high blood pressure